What is Electrostatic Spraying?

Electrostatic sprayers are unique because as the disinfecting solution exits the sprayer, it is given a positive electrical charge. The droplets then become attracted to all the negative charges (surfaces), providing the object or surface with a 360° coverage. The disinfectant clings to the underside, backside, and visible areas all at once. Any awkwardly shaped or hard to reach places or objects are covered. This makes electrostatic spraying an excellent solution for effective disinfecting.

Do I need to vacate my property while it is being sanitized?

Depends on the situation and product we provide for you. We have several EPA registered products at your convenience.

Will it damage my furniture?

No, our product is non bleach, non-chlorine residual and it will not react with other cleaners leaving no damaging effect on your belongings.

Why does your employee wear a hazmat suit if everything is supposed to be safe?

Our sanitizing employees wear PPE (personal protection equipment) in order to minimize exposure to any contaminants, viruses or bacteria present in treatment areas.

Is your disinfectant safe?

Our product is kid/pet friendly, environmentally friendly and will not harm or irritate. Application of our product can include food and non-food surfaces. It is:

  • Safe & Non-Toxic
  • Hospital Grade
  • EPA & USDA Certs
  • Quick to dry/non residual
  • Certified to kill COVID-19

Will I need to move any of my belongings/furniture?

There is no need to move any belongings or furniture. Our electrostatic sprayer will provide 360° disinfecting coverage.

How often should I disinfect?

We can provide you with a customized disinfecting schedule for your business or home dependent on your level of traffic/use.